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Sample Essay

It is reminiscent of the damage that was caused by the spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in 1969. That led to the public demanding that such drilling activities should be put under a ban in order to safeguard the interests of the planet and the people. This led to the establishment of the congressional ban on the drilling, known as the Outer Continental Shelf Moratorium in 1981, which prevents the leasing of the coastal water to be used for the extraction of oil or any other fossil fuel. However, in 1992, President George W. Bush reopened the possibility of off-shore drilling. This then became a popular debate topic between Obama and McCain, where the former after a lot of deliberation allowed that under certain conditions drilling maybe allowed, whose direct consequence led to the BP Deepwater Horizon incident, leading the government to sign a six month long moratorium.

The argument put forward here is that the ban should be put on permanently without allowing the President any executive powers to lift them without the agreement of the congress in order to assure that such future accidents and spill don’t occur. The reason that the stance is such is due to the very fact that no matter how many stringent actions the government and the companies may take, there is no fail proof and completely secure method to oil rigging.

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