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Sample Essay – Media Censorship

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Abstract: This essay discusses media censorship. Censorship is the restriction of freedom of speech. This also weakens the power which the media has in influencing people as the government keeps control.

Congress will not make any law which respects a religion’s establishment or restricts its exercise freely. Nor will it reduce the amount of freedom given to the press (United States Constitution 1789). Throughout American history, the constitution has been tried and tested various times. The first amendment was created initially in order to give colonists a chance to speak out freely against the British who were in the country. It was during the 17th century that the press was considered to be quite informative and accurate to a certain extent. It did not even have much competition amongst journalists. However in the 21st century today, things are different and the stakes are greater than they had been before. There is much competition between journalists in the media today and hence the news which is given to the public is exaggerated to a great extent. This is done not only to be better than their competition but also to grab a larger share of the market.

The term ‘censorship’ is seen as a policy which restricts people’s freedom of expression in terms of their opinions, their ideas, impulses and conceptions which they have and which may even have the ability to weaken the authority which the government has along with weakening the moral and social order which government authority feels it is its right to protect (Abraham). Free speech is all influenced by religious, political and obscenity censorship which are all considered as being destructive. Censorship can be divided into two forms which it takes; prior which related to extreme suppression and post which refers to suppressions once any type of material has already been published (Calvocoressi). Both types of censorship has been used ever since people began writing and…

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