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Sample Essay – Analyze Depression


This research will be conducted on a sample of 40 students from the campus. All of them will be selected using randomized sampling. I will request the lists from the international and western students residing on campus from the administration and using the dice method, select 20 western and 20 international students.


A structured questionnaire will be prepared. The research survey will be conducted through these questionnaires. The survey forms will contain closed ended questions only. They will have to choose from the stated options. The options to the following statements: Depressed people are a) dangerous, b) unpredictable, c) hard to talk to d) have themselves to blame f) just ill and need medical treatment etc.


The survey questionnaire will consist of questions related to assessment of knowledge and attitudes towards depression and a demographic data form. The survey forms will be distributed to all the 40 students by hand. They will be instructed to return the forms in prepaid envelopes which will be provided to them as well. They will be given a week to return the forms. After receiving the forms, the data will be analyzed.

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