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Sample Essay – Methodology selected in Learning

This was done through the methodology of following the client and consumer feedback, and using the standard day formula of checking how the food and atmosphere and service rates, which all are essential features in the kind of organisation that was profiled in our work study group. Furthermore, by going over and beyond and examining the different other hotels/diners that were functioning, it helped in the broadening of the ideas and vision to come to a gross and greater understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of having competitors or the learning and knowledge that is gleaned from other similar organisations, such as those that can be compared with Room 36, to be used for its benefit.

It is with great and firm resolution that I can say that the skills that I have acquired in such a case, will go a long way towards benefiting me in the future, and as a student will enlighten me to more sensitive details and facts that would have otherwise remained obscure. Such a great insight has only be developed through team meetings, that helped me understand the psyche of how organisations work together as a team, also teaching me how to behave and react and rely on and be relied on by other people and then to be able to live up to these expectations.

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