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Sample Essay – Moral Reasoning

Moral reasoning, also known as Moral Development in other circles, is a thinking process with the objective of determining whether an idea is right or wrong. In other words, it is the individual or collective reasoning about what, morally, one ought to do. This paper seeks to discuss moral reasoning in an elaborate way by exploring the theories that have been established to demystify the subject.

One of the classical (and indeed the first) contributions to this subject was by Jean Piaget, a Swiss Psychologist, who laid the fundamental groundwork for research for all the other theorists who would come after him. In his early writing, he focused specifically on the moral lives of children, studying the way children play games in order to learn more about children’s beliefs about right or wrong (Murray). From his observations on how children apply set rules in games, Piaget determined that morality, too, can be considered a developmental process.

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