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Inadequate supply of basic necessities in low- income individuals from prenatal to early childhood and on into middle age also cause elevated rates of mortality and morbidity along with the lesser rate of immunization for lower class individuals. Unluckily, poor supply of basic necessities is not an isolated thing, but also influences the development of characteristics that subsequently restrict employment and professional alternatives and, consequently, socioeconomic mobility. In addition, low status and income occupations frequently are more hazardous and have substandard work environments. All of this suggests there are strong mutual influences between provision of basic necessities and income.

Lower class people usually choose to live far enough away from where they work or shop so that they have to drive to those sites substantially increase their expenses, chance of death or serious bodily injury in an automobile accident. (Newsom, 2006) Those who choose to work as miners or police officers or loggers run a greater risk of violent or accidental death than do the rest of us. Although being unemployed also substantially shortens ones life expectancy due to lack of money.

Human assets and marginal efficiency theory of Economics predict people making choices in relation to their individual productive characteristics concerning their anticipated future rate of return. People, who think about their future, determined, self-reliant, and creative, prefer to spend in learning, education, and wellbeing and, as a result, get a compensatory rate of return. People, who willingly and happily decide not to spend in their human capital, also get their justified financial reward. The varying rates of return are obtained due to intentional choice and reflect special characteristics. (Scott, 2008)

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