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Sample Essay

The opportunities of an organization are the external factors that help the organization strengthen its position in the industry. The opportunities of an organization may be; a well established position of the organization in the market, chances of growth of the business of the organization, or any other situation occurring in the industry that enables the organization to stabilize its position in the industry.

In case of Debenhams, the opportunities are; efficient use of the MIS system, refurbishment of stores, and established position in the market. Debenhams uses its MIS system which helps the company calculate the demand for the products therefore the company is able to shelf the products efficiently. The company has resources for the refurbishment of its stores and the company keeps doing the refurbishment from time to time therefore the customers feel good when they shop at the stores. The company has a established position in the market and this factor can be utilized by the company to grow further and in acquiring more market share.

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