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Sample Essay – Poverty History Movement

Every government would love to start a social movement so that it can get rid of poverty. To reach into the lives of people and incite passion and desire enough for people to change their behavior in some way as a result. But ‘movement’ is an overused term in communications. A real social movement should have an energy and momentum of its own. It should be able to exist independent of any ‘push’ messaging.

For instance, ‘Make Poverty History’ is a true example of a social living movement. Made possible by the input of an advertising agency but lived on in the behaviors and the beliefs of its supporters. The campaign was designed to run for 1 year in 2005 but it came alive again in 2006 and still lives today. Books have been written about it. This is all about how to help create a social movement. A movement that grew to be the biggest ever coalition of charities and NGOs, and that led to a doubling of aid to Africa and the cancellation of debt of the 18 poorest countries in the world, all on a budget of $0. This movement was about recognizing something that has become much more than a communications idea, but part of the common vernacular.

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