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Abstract: there are many criteria and factors which must be met if a cell is to be defined as a stem cell. Once this takes place, the cells combine to form an organism.

In order for a cell to be defined as a stem cell, it must meet two fundamental criteria which will determine if it is a stem cell or not. The first criteria is that the stem cell must be having the ability to renew itself on its own for an indefinite amount of time throughout its life without having to maintain an undifferentiated state. This means that the cell should be able to divide and produce two more cells of the same type and thereby continue to maintain the exact same stem cell pool. The second criteria which must be met is the cell should have the ability to divide itself into practical and specialized progeny if given the right type of conditions or if provided with the appropriate signals. In order to produce a cell which is identical to the main one, it should divide asymmetrically. A daughter cell is one which acquires the properties of a particular type of cell for example the morphology, the phenotype and the functional and basic form of physiology which can be classified as belonging to a specific type of tissue (Burns and Zon, Preston et al)

Due to its varying potential, the stem cell can be categorized into a hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy exists the totipotent stem cell which is what causes other types of cells to develop which then contain the extra-embryonic and embryonic tissues. This then contributes to the full formation of the entire organism and…

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