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Sample Essay

Not all the residential buildings are single dwellings however. Along Garfield Road sits a multistoried building that is more suited for the inner city than it is in well-ordered Riverstone. This landmark speaks of expected expansion into the town. However, it is worth noting that it is the only building of its kind in the area, raising questions as to exactly what it is that the developer of the lot was thinking of when he built it. Was it an expectation of an increase in population or was he simply trying to change the general outlook of the place? Either way, it makes for an interesting landmark.

As stated above, River Stone is suburban. This means that those who decide to move into the area are sufficiently well off to manage the payments on the houses in the area. This also means that those who chose to stay in the area earn enough to live that specific lifestyle, but not so much as to be able to afford the lives of those in the upper class.

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