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In their article about universal access of telecommunication services, Demmers and O’Neil have addressed the issue in terms of leavers and takers. During the agriculture age, Takers cultures produced more than they needed and imposed their way on others while Leavers, always interaction with their environment in a sustainable manner, always producing just enough for their requirement while rapidly expanding their numbers.

The similar case is with development and use of computer technologies, which have gradually come to be dominated by the Takers. Take Internet for example, which was once believed to be the medium where all individuals had equal voice and was claimed to be the great equalizer. With content on the Internet becoming redundant and focusing toward Takers, it is in danger of losing its effectiveness as a prime communications tool and is susceptible to becoming the representation of voice by a single group. According to the Demmers and O’Neil there are three motivations of Takers to bring  the Leavers communities into the mainstream global Internet use , which is beneficial for the whole of the online community. These motivations are benefits of multiple perspectives, recognition Leaver’s concern as well as the need to prevent anomie. The Leavers should be encouraged to join the online community because multiple perspectives on the same subject tend to benefit all the parties involved in the discussion. Furthermore, due to the importance of the Internet media as a global media, encouraging leavers to use the Internet would play a positive role in bringing cognition to their concerns and problems which would be the first step toward solving them. The participation of Leavers also prevents anomie or social instability. That is, if the digital divide continues to grow, then the First World “Takers” might be looked upon as oppressors and exploiters of the Third World “Leavers” (Demmer & O’Neil, 2001).

In order to increase the participation of Leavers, one of the most effective solutions is the design of neoteric interfaces, a single vehicle of understanding is needed for communicating between people from disparate cultural background which can be spoken language, hand gestures or even facial expressions. This vehicle is designed through the study of interaction of the users with the system as well as their behavior and thus studied under Human-Computer Interactions (Jacko & Stephanidis, 2003).

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