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Abstract: This essay discusses sociology of language.  how language is important in helping sociologists understand interactions which take place between people daily and knowing why people behave the way they do.

Language has been defined as being something which plays a very important and vital role in the social relationships maintained by people (McCall). Not only is language helpful in explaining and making us understand the interactions which take place between people, but the interactions are also important in the sense that they take on a linguistic form which has meaning behind it too. A society can be explained in terms of people coming together from various backgrounds. It is the amalgamation of the various categories to which people belong and then making these categories appropriate and organized, to produce them, distribute them and subsist them. In all these activities, language is something which is seem as being central to all.

Knowing this, we can understand just how vital language is in the various interactions we indulge in with people and why it is considered to be important in the field of sociology. But why exactly does sociology see language as being important and why does it concern itself with language? Sociology sees language as important as it is something which will eventually disappear and lead to new languages developing which will be created in combination with culture. We can also tell when a disturbance has occurred socially by observing the change in a person’s language and the dialect which he/she speaks in. The sociologist McCall…

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