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Sample Essay

The mental health patients and addicts are often seen as existing in their world.  It is because of the fact that in most instances, they resort to addiction and other compulsive behaviors because of their inability to effectively co-exist in the real world. Often their ‘real world’ is characterized by harsh environments and many difficulties. Thus, they prefer staying in their own world and keep off from the harsh reality that according to them is inhabitable. Kohut (1971) asserts that this is because of the lack of courage and the fear of how they could possibly survive without the drugs.

Therapy is appreciated as a multifaceted and complicated process that requires utmost competencies in order to yield desirable effects. Some studies argue that fantasy plays a role in enhancing the recovery process of patients with compulsive disorders (Priestly et al., 1998). Particularly, in their study Lende and Smith (2002) point out that fantasy enables the patients to retrieve repressed memories that undermine the ability of the patients to function normally.

Spirituality aids in this process because the practices associated with spirituality are fundamental in triggering the remembrance of these memories. Additionally, spiritual teachings often contain some episodes that act as triggers to the remembrance of past incidents that had adverse effects on the wellbeing of individuals (Hilton et al., 2002). Furthermore, the spiritual teachings lead to fantasies of, for instance, the period that humans will be reconnected with their creator. According to Moore (1992), all these fantasies aid in the remembrance of specific episodes whose unraveling enhances recovery.

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