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In his study, Anthony (1993) also shows that spirituality is very essential because it plays a pivotal role in avoiding substance abuse that can easily culminate in addiction. It is because of the fact that most of the spiritual teachings condemn the destructive behavior that culminates from substance abuse. Additionally, the dependence nature that the substance abuse places an individual into is also discouraged by the spiritual teachings. According to them, the Supreme Being should be the sole source of our dependence.  In Christian teachings, for example, the Supreme Being, also referred to as God is considered the sole provider of all human needs. Dependence on other things according to this religion is considered idolatry, which is shunned within the religion.

A study carried out on fifty participants in a recovery period of twenty eight days in the USA affirmed that spiritual practices are of great importance. The results of the study showed that prayer and self meditation had positive implications on the participants’ wellbeing because they enable the patients engage in self discover. Particularly, the participants’ abstinence from chemical use and abuse was influenced by these spiritual practices. Hence the findings of the study are important because they portray the positive relationship that exists between the employment of meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices and the recovery of patients who are addicted to chemical substance abuse.

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