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To ascertain this contention, specialists in alcohol anonymous have indicated that the practice has been instrumental in enhancing the wellbeing of alcoholics. However, of particular importance is the presumption that spirituality is a source of true happiness and internal peace. It achieves this by preventing the feelings, emotions and thoughts that may prevent a condition of content and happiness.

In his study, Anthony (1993) also shows that it does not necessarily involve religion, supernatural beings or religious beliefs; it is rather based on a person’s inner thoughts and aspirations. It can be appreciated that spirituality is pivotal in the recovery process of mental health and/or addictions. It is because of the fact that its central goal is to change the way of thinking of individuals and align the same to the basic virtues that influence healthy living. In this regard, Bouma (2006) indicates that spirituality challenges individuals to change their way of thinking to be in line with the virtues of religion and expectations of the deity.

In their consultative study, Culliford and Powel (2005) indicate that patients of serious mental disorders that include compulsive behavior always find spirituality a very important aspect during their recovery. A study conducted by Bouma (2006) in the US mental institutions affirmed that spirituality provided strength for the patients to carry on during conditions of adversity. Furthermore, this study contended that spirituality provided the basic moral practices that helped the patients uphold an acceptable level of ethics and therefore recover steadily. These ethics were derived from the teachings and practices of spirituality that were conducted in the institution.

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