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Sample Essay – Sports Bettors

The point spread methods was then adopted, which made the entire ideology of sport betting more fascinating and exciting, helping to boost up the popularity of sport betting. However, the question that still stands is what percentages of the bettors are able to earn, and how many tries are needed to finally score a win, and how to make up for the losses. This then brings into focus the question the research paper will be focusing on, which is, How do Sports Bettors manage win/lose ratios?

What I want to know

  • What is the percentage of wins needed to turn even the smallest profit?
  • What types of money management systems do bettors use?
  • Is using the services of a sports handicapping service in the best interests of the bettor?
  • In what ways can sports bettors place wagers?
  • What are the most common types of wagers available to bettors?
  • Which sports are better to place wagers on?
  • Who actually makes the odds that sports books use?
  • What is the “spread” and how does it affect wagers?
  • How does the vigorish, or vig affect wagers?
  • What kind of sports better am I?

The steps that are necessary in the undertaking of this research paper would be, first of all, analyzing the main concerns of the topic and then targeting them accordingly. Secondly, it would also be to find coherent and reliable sources of information to provide a sense of credibility to the paper. For this purpose, the use of not only electronic resources, such as the internet and the media, but also of books and interviews will be undertaken to maximise the soundness of the paper and assure that it is upto par.

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