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Sample Essay

The identified stakeholders for the project include the project steering team, the sponsors, the implementing firm, the suppliers, the customers and the external environment including the local government. The stakeholders need to be mapped based on the effect the project implementation will have on them (Mitchell, et al 854). This way, the project manager with the help of the steering team will be able to solve their problems easily.

The primary stakeholders for this project are those affected directly by project implementation and they are the sponsors, customers, suppliers, employees and the management of the implementing agency. The secondary stakeholders are those affected indirectly by the project and in this case, it is only the local government and the competitors. The key stakeholders are the main parties in the project and they include the employees and the managers of the implementing company. Stakeholder analysis will help the project team in identifying the interests of the stakeholders, the potential risks that may arise, the key persons who must know of all the steps of the project execution process and the impact of the negative perceptions of the stakeholders who may view the project negatively (Fletcher 510). The negative effect may come from the competitors who may envy the implementing agency considering the expected results and thus look for ways to see it fail.

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