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Sample Essay – Stakeholders in Organizational Negotiations

Sebenius and David (2007), defines a stakeholder as a person or group of people who share some kind of interest in a decision. First stakeholder is the school. The school has interest in what the parents’ believe is the right thing to do. Since the district is on the line in this situation, they have to make the right decision based on what the parents will let them do.

The school will have to spend much of the taxes that the people of the city and state have paid. They will probably have to buy extra buses, people to drive the buses, extra teachers, cafeteria servers, and maybe even extra room to hold such a huge influx of students. The second and direct stakeholders’ in the Miami School issue are the parents. This is because the parents are the people who make the ultimate decision for the school. Since the rezoning issue has surfaced, many parents are upset at the school for taking such a large area and consolidating the school. Their voices are heard through school board meetings and around town as the board members are socially involved (Barry et al. 2006, p. 65). The parents are upset because they believe that the rezoning affects the quality of education, travel time, crossed economic and cultural boundaries, property values, and the children. The children are the ones’ that are directly affected by this decision and since they are minors and cannot make such decisions’ on their own, the parents have to make that distinction for them.

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