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Sample Essay

The other possibility which is remote but is relevant is standardization of the measuring tools. Even though the unit of measurement is in gallons, there may be flaws in the machines used to measure the quantity of the paints. If the statistician findings show that our paints are actually not rated according to the contents, then our measuring machines need to be adjusted even though accepting this fact may pose some legal difficulties for the company.

There is also the possibility of his/her methods of data collection and specimen measurement not being consistent with either the clients’ or our company’s. If his/her findings comply with our measurement then there is the possibility of our clients using unstandardized measurements. However, I cannot also ignore the possibility of a general conspiracy to defraud the company through the clients. There might be a deliberate attempt among the employees of the company to make money through minimizing the amount of paint in each can. Should this be the case, even the hired statistician may be prejudiced thereby making the result of the findings to be biased. That is, the results may favor the company but this may jeopardize the client base of the company. Since a complaint has been raised by our clients, we have no choice but to find a common ground in which both the company and the clients are satisfied.

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