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Sample Essay – Trivializing Religious Beliefs

The state are trivializing religious beliefs, treating them as little more than a hobby or a personal preference. Religion tenets are been made to conform to ordinary events. In other words its credibility is asserted from the concrete evidence and not for what religion is. In America, most workers feel a tremendous time squeeze. The values found in the traditional set of beliefs are also undermined. Social activities are minimal as commercial activities supersede them.

From the above viewpoint, squeezing occurs when the society is not able to truck its values, live its full potential and flexibility in all spheres of life. The state is downplaying all these important factors and putting in place its own measures. Squeezing can be regarded as an alienation of the self. Civil society, if not allowed growing and realizing its potential is said to squeeze. For example, any attempt to endanger it through colonial or foreign interference.

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