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Sample Essay – Story of the burning chrome 

As the story unfolds, every reader can argue that the all the characters involved are not good, for they burn people and even do anything for their benefit. As the story starts, Jack tries to explain from where the whole dirty business started. They are in New York to have a cup of coffee with Cohen from where he explains that he sees “a floating neon sign that flashes THIS WAY LIES MADNESS”.

This is a proof that the business expected is not legal at all but no one cares for it can even be advertised in the streets without any legal action taken. The two hackers are also intermingling with people who are out to hurt others. Jack gets an architectural photography job from Cohen but a lady, Diatta Downes, gives him a phrase which should be his basis in his new job. She advises him to always focus on the American dream and should not struggle to make it, his basis should be, “as a kind of alternate America: a 1980 that never happened. An architecture of broken dreams”. This start can make a person who has been good; bad for he will always do all he has to do carelessly.

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