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Sample Essay – Strategic Alliance

With a motorcycle dealer and a local radio station engaging in a strategic alliance, both of the ventures will remain independent organizations but benefit from each other. Since the two business ventures are targeting the same market but not competitors, it will be easy for the two to benefit. The radio station will act as a distribution channel for the motorcycle dealer in that it will advertise it as the best motorcycle dealer in town.

It should be noted that since the radio station is a local one, the advertisement would be able to reach the locals for they are the listeners. Through this advertisement, so many people will learn about the best services offered by this motorcycle dealer and will thus need his services. With the motor cycle dealer’s contacts provided during the adverts, everyone who needs his or her services will easily meet him. Alternatively, the local radio station will have to benefit from the motorcycle dealer and this can be through funding. Through the funds offered by the motor cycle dealer, bearing in mind that it is a local station, which might not be adequately funded, the radio station will be able to purchase the capital equipment.

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