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Sample Essay – Apollo Hospital

For this to happen, high tech systems need to be in place to ensure accuracy when dispensing the drugs or handling the critical processes. Therefore, technology has brought about new systems which have proven success in the recent years and will continue to do so in the future. Reports have also revealed that companies that implement Information technology systems, have a higher chance of increasing their yields regardless of their business type. Therefore, a hospital set up is no exception meaning that a technology system should be incorporated in the strategic initiative to replace the manual procedures.

What this means is that a hospital should be automated in all aspects of its logistics, since it will be required to handle complex to simple procedures. Technology is the way to go since it eliminates repetitive tasks and ultimately eliminates manual activities, which are often coupled with numerous errors. Such errors can lead to serious repercussions in the case where a patient is prescribed a wrong medication dose, simply because there was a mistake in writing. This technology has been associated with companies that are doing well in the numerous industries over their competitors. (Brynjolfsson et al 1996 p, 2000). With that in mind, I would ensure that all procedures in the hospital are replaced with the ideal systems which can be relied on, as opposed to man reliance. Below, there is the table which shows the expected results.

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