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Sample Essay

Theory argued that stratification is a collective and essential for the society to be functional. Individuals were placed into positions which were viewed to be important and skills were required to ensure all roles were fulfilled. (http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072817186/student_view0/chapter7/chapter_summary.html). Theory was criticized to be conservative since it lacked relevant support. Theory is argued based on four functional aspects:

  1. Adaptive function which was performed by behavioral organisms and describes how system got adapted to environment.
    Goal attainment function which relies on personality system defines the goal achievements and the system.
  2. Integrative function which is referred to be regulated components of system is performed by social system.
  3. Pattern maintenance system which describes motivation and dimensions of culture are created and sustained is performed by cultural systems.

The lower structures provide for higher structures while the low levels are controlled by higher levels and the systems are interdependent. Norms and values were instilled to individuals within the society making it possible for them to follow their interest while upholding interests of system as a whole.

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