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Sample Essay – Stress Faced by Adults

Adults face many losses during their lifetime. Adults may lose their jobs by being fired or laid off, or through retirement. Adults must also face the deaths of aging parents and older relatives. This can be stressful because even as adults we still need our parents. Some adults have to face losing their children as children grow up and start their own lives (empty nest syndrome), or if their children become terminally ill. Adults may also lose spouses and romantic partners as they age as well as friends. Physical and mental health may also be lost as we age and find we are no longer as strong, or as healthy as we once were.

The most difficult aspect of working with clients in these areas is that often they would be issues that I am experiencing myself. It would be very difficult for instance, to distance myself from a mother or father experiencing problems with “Empty Nest Syndrome” if I was at an age where my own children had just moved out on their own. Stress management would probably be easier for me to deal with than loss because teaching people to manage stress merely involves giving them the tools and helping them to find out which tools work best for them.

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