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Sample Essay – Stress at Work Place

It is true that we all need some amount of pressure in all that we do to be able to appreciate our work and even derive satisfaction from it. This is also a valid reason why one will rush to meet deadlines. If our work environment is devoid of deadlines, workers involved would not have much to do and may even find themselves bored.

This is a waste as far as their career is concerned since results and profits depend on how much we are able to deliver within certain time lines (Tennant, 2001). Again, life today is full of struggles and up and downs, frustrations and endless demands.

For almost everybody, stress is the order of the day and an inevitable aspect in our lives. As it has been widely believed that stress is harmful, some are of the opinion that it is not always bad. It acts as a catalyst for people to perform more productively, a means to cope with pressuring situations and pulls out the best from them (Bambra, 2007).

It becomes worse if the subjects are not able to control it or if the demands outweigh their capacity to handle situations. It is at this point that one’s mind and body pay the price. This becomes the beginning of many other health problems.

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