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Sample Essay – Guerilla Uprising

16 works cited

Length: 2375 words

Abstract: Terrorism and guerilla warfare are very prominent in various countries and the two must be explained in order to understand how these can be countered.

This essay will talk on the topic of terrorism and guerillas. It will argue that for a foreign power to be able t o defeat an uprising is difficult particularly if the uprising is taking place in the territory to which the insurgent belongs. The essay will initially begin by examining literature found on the topic of warfare which is related to similarities and differences which may exist between terrorism and warfare conducted by guerillas. Lastly, the essay will end by applying literature found on these two topics to further understand what efforts must be taken in order to curb this problem.

Before going into the topic, we need to understand what insurgency really is. The media has not been able to do a noteworthy job of differentiating between guerilla warfare and terrorism due to which people are generally not aware of what each is. However there are many scholars who have tried to distinguish between these two social phenomenons. In order to decide as to how uprisings and revolts are to be countered, understanding the difference between guerilla revolts and terrorism is extremely vital.

In order to understand the process of guerilla warfare, it is important to understand what it really is. For this purpose, a definition is required. Guerilla is a term which has been taken from Spanish meaning a small war (John Nagl). He goes further on to explain the conflict of…

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