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Abstract: This essay talks about standardized testing.  Standardized testing is no longer considered to be effective and efficient. If removed, the money should instead be used for other academic purposes.

The time when every student has to stop using their textbooks and begin preparing for a test is something which is dreaded by all students. People are all of the same opinion that as far as education is concerned, there is definitely a need for a revolution of some sort. Aiding this reform would be the elimination of the standardized testing system. Making use of these standardized tests is something which is outdated and no more effective. Many educationalists believe these tests to be ineffective due to them not measuring the true potential of a student. If the standardized testing is removed, not only will money be saved, labels will not be applied and the stress which is caused to students and teachers alike will be lowered if not removed. More than ever before, money is very scarce and a smart way to increase the supply of money would be to remove the need for standardized tests. For second graders to give the standardized test, the cost is estimated to be around 2-4 million dollars. The cost tends to keep increasing the higher a child reaches in his/her academic level (Fridy). The money which would be saved up could then be used to send students to college and receive further education. The money could also be used in order to purchase laptops and various technologies needed at college level along with textbooks which would help in enhancing the learning environment in which a student studies. If the environment in which studying takes place is upgraded and enhanced, there is no reason why a student would…

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