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Sample Essay

Though education is the core reason for going to school, maintaining good relationships with other people through things such as engaging one’s self in communal activities among others are equally important in order to ensure than a part form educational qualifications, one can comfortably relate with other people.

According to Randy, (2008), lack of knowledge on how to balance the two sides is a challenge that makes most students pay less attention to their academic work considering the fact that less effort is needed in social life than in academic life. However, though this is a challenge to all students, the freshmen are the most affected since unlike the others who have existing friends, their life starts a fresh and both aspects require attention. Managing the available time well in order to be efficient in both sides requires self-displine, which on the other hand calls for, intelligence, which helps one to make the right decisions, determination and persistence. For instance, it is by the use of intelligence that one decides to use his/her time wisely and realizes the importance of working hard.

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