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Abstract: ADHD is a disorder which is quite common however it may be left untreated in some patients despite the availability of treatments for this disorder.

This research was conducted to gain a better understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and to explore its various treatments. This disorder is present in about 3-9% of the population and is often left untreated which can lead to disturbing affects on the patients minds. Concentration is difficult, large tasks are difficult to complete and impulsive and hyperactive tendencies are present in patients of ADHD. Research has led to effective treatments for this disorder (Dupaul 8). The internet and journal articles were used in this research process, distinguishing the truths from the myths and discovering the conditions that cause this disorder to root up in people.

A series of lectures were published by Sir George F. to the Royal College of Physicians in England, in 1902. These lectures were a description of impulsive children who suffered from a genetic dysfunction that caused behavioural problems. This disorder does not arise because of poor child upbringing or child rearing. This disorder is a developmental disorder and some of its characteristics include impulsive behaviour, hyperactivity, becoming distracted easily and being unable to focus on tasks.

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