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Sample Essay

Understanding contract law entails grasping the concept of consumer protection and most especially the role producers play in the claims for liability. In essence, the producer becomes wholly responsible of the safety of their consumers with regard to their provision of specific services. Howells and Weatherill (2005, p.146) claim that the producer is the only party who fully understands their products or services and are therefore aware of any adverse implications of the same.

The manager should also be well versed with the provisions made by other laws in the protection of consumers and underlie these factors when providing services to consumers. Quality of services and their levels of safety must be understood by the consumer and the producer is mandated to clearly outline their roles in such circumstances. Consumer protection also incorporates issues of liability where the law safeguards the consumer from fraudulent producers who fail to honor contract terms. This breach also includes cases where the producer offers services which are of low quality or harmful to the consumer. The manager is required to understand the extent to which they are liable for such claims and when they are at an advantage of avoiding such claims.

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