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Abstract: violence has never been the key to success and never can it be. Achieving something through violence is as good as not having achieved anything at all.

Violence is something which has a flaw in it. It is innately defective and hence only causes problems and danger to others. Victory, if achieved through violence is considered as being as good as defeat as this form of victory is only momentary (Gandhi). Hence in order for peace to remain for a long time and for independence to be achieved, the best thing would be to achieve it without violence. This is one concept which is very important if history is to be understood in the correct manner. In this chapter, violence, non violence and a lack of violence all play an important role. Many people have questioned whether or not non-violence can be practical or not. How can non-violence work? Why cannot those who are armed and powerful just kill off those people who do not agree with their ideas and beliefs? The answer to these questions could not be any simpler. The simple answer to these questions would be that the people will revolt. A few thousand oppressors compared to millions of people determined to end their control is no match. This theory will be illustrated by examples and events which have been talked about in the following chapters.

Let us first begin by looking at examples of non-violence at work. In the march of 1917, 200,000 workers from the textile industry in Petrograd Russia had…

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