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Sample Essay – Vouchers for School

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Length: 1883 words

Abstract: Americans have their freedom in a number of things however not in the education sector. This is something for which they must fight and attain their rights.

The people of America are extremely proud of the amount of freedom they have. They have the ability of choosing whatever they like and no agency, not even the government has the right to tell the people of America what to eat, where to live and what they should wear. All these choices are the rights of the individuals and hence are left up to them.

Despite being given freedom in almost every aspect of life, Americans believe that when it comes to deciding where their children go to school, their choices and hence their freedom is limited.

There are many parents in America who send their children to schools which they would not have if they were given the opportunity to select. In the bid for presidency, one of the candidates promised to provide parents with the chance to be able to decide where their children get educated (John McCain).

He believed that the only way in which the education system of America could be changed was by converting it into an economy where the parents could make a decision as to where they would like their children to attend school.

Along with this, the schools too would receive monetary grants from the government. This would be very much like a market economy. Despite the website of this Arizona senator lacking details regarding this issue, he has been one individual who has…

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