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Incorporating all the instructions and requirements in a good critical paper might become difficult sometimes. However, you can use this format idea to make the task of completing the paper easier for you.

  1. Thesis Statement: Take time and take out good points after brainstorming the ideas to use in the paper. Choose the correct topic and list down all the ideas you would like to discuss. Choose the best one and write on it.
  2. Outline: After brainstorming and accumulating all the ideas, shaping them into a paper might get difficult. Therefore, follow the procedure of using one idea at a time. It will make the task easier for you and saves time. You can also use the internet to get the samples and make the task easier for you.
  3. Introduction: The part where you can engage the reader and make him read the whole paper. Therefore, this paragraph must start with a quotation that has the capability to grab the reader’s mind. Therefore, use an attention-grabbing line which will make the reader stick throughout the paper.
  4. The Body: The body of the paper should discuss all the points accumulated. This part focuses on elaborating on the topic and explains each point to the reader. Try to use authentic and reliable sources to increase the authenticity of your paper.
  5. Strong Conclusion: This portion will include concluding the whole paper that you have written. In this portion, you will summarize the whole paper, give an opinion, make a claim, or bring forward a strong question about the topic you are discussing. Stick to a single point throughout the paper to make yourself look credible. Don’t lose your stand. Describe what you think about the topic, restate all the main points discussed and the thesis. You may use a single credible source in this paragraph to make your claim authentic.

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