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Types of Essays – Essay writing is integral to building basic writing skills. Essays are mainly written to give your point of view on a certain topic. Writing essays can enhance your writing abilities and broaden your imaginative perspectives. An essay consists of three main parts: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. In the introduction, you introduce your topic; the main body should consist of information on how to recognize the symptoms of domestic violence and what to do as a victim to avoid it. Lastly, you end your essay with a conclusion consisting of your point of view and suggestions.

There are different types of essays, which require different writing styles and imagination. Following are the types of essays that are most commonly known:

Persuasive or Argumentative Essays

Persuasive essays require convincing your reader by providing facts, opinions and evidence on a particular topic. For instance, if you want to create awareness about a particular product, you will require convincing writing to sell the product.

Descriptive Essays

This is a type of essay in which you share your experience with the reader. For instance, you might write something about your voyages to different places. You share your experiences as a traveler to different places in the world. This can also provide the readers with certain knowledge about the weather, people and the place itself.

Imaginative Essays

These are purely based on imagination. You write a story based on fiction work. You can create your characters and describe them.

Process Analysis Essays

In these kinds of essays, you give the reader certain steps to do something. For instance, you may write on how to do a particular exercise. Finally, you mention what will be achieved after the process is completed.

Cause and Effect Essay

In this type of essay, you mention how things affect one another. For instance, you may write about the consequences of not having a power supply or telecommunications.

Compare and Contrast Essays

These essays tell the reader how a certain thing is different from the other comparatively. For instance, you can compare the perspectives of two philosophers in different eras.

Whatever type of essay you have selected, the basics of essay writing always have to be there to keep the essay simple and easy to understand for the readers. It should consist of relevant information and rational arguments, depending on the type of essay you select.

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