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Writing a book report consists of reading a book and extracting all the key points to summarize the book. To do this you need to read the it carefully understanding all the information provided in a book to write a good report. This article will help you write a book report. Keep reading the article to discover how to write a book report.

Take Notes

Keep a paper and pen with you while reading the book. Write down the key points in the book that work as a main theme of the book. You can mark all the important pages consisting of important points related to report writing.


Now ask yourself what key points you need for report writing. Identify all the key points according to the length of your report that sum up the entire book. Separate those points that answer the question for writing report. Eliminate all those points that are irrelevant.

Outline the Report

Once you have the key points determine why the author has written the book. What does he want to convey through the book? Once you have these answers make an outline chronologically. If the book is fiction then state the key points or summarize the story.

Start Writing

Once you have an outline, start writing the report. Separate general points from specific.

Summarize the importance of the book. What has it added to the knowledge of people in general?

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