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Every essay has three important parts that are the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The introduction is written in the beginning of an essay followed by the main body and lastly a conclusion. All these three elements are extremely important to write essays as they help make a logical flow. The conclusion of an essay is written in the last and it has to be strong to leave a good impression on the readers. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to write an essay conclusion. Please read below to find out the ways to write an essay conclusion.

Write a Summary

You need to start writing a conclusion with a brief summary of the most important points of your essay very briefly. It must not be a repeat of what you have already discussed previously in the essay body. This phase must not exceed two to three sentences.

Provide Suggestions

Write down meaningful suggestions or solutions to the problem you have discussed. They should be related to the main theme of the essay. Once again try to keep it short to two to three sentences.

Restate the Thesis Statement

Restate the thesis statement as a reminder to the readers about the main objective of the essay. It should be strong and to the point.

The entire conclusion should be short and a paragraph long. There must not be anything that is not related to the main theme of the essay. It should be direct and to the point.

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